Kazak Royal

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The Kazak Royal rugs are from Afghanistan. The rugs are exclusively, and hand knotted in very high quality with a beautiful and shiny pile. The wool is coloured using natural plant pigments. The rugs are very durable and are stonewashed to get their special, shiny look. The Kazak Royal rugs, as well as other Afghan rugs, are traditionally a status symbol, and where originally placed in palaces, churches, and in the homes of the rich.
Ref: 1273805
Country of origin: Pakistan
Dimensions: 290 x 202 5.86 m²
Manufacturing: Genuine hand knotted rug
Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Knot density: 50-150.000 knots per sqm.
Condition: In very good condition
Age: 0-20 years (not used)
Shape: rectangular
Color: Red

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